miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

Hi there!

Hi! I'm Jose Roberto!... But you can call me Jose, I'm 22 years old. I'm from Maracaibo and I study engineering at URBE. I'm a very social guy and a love to hang out with my peps!... My friends are my life and reason to be what I am... I can't see a sad friend and do nothing, I have to care for my peps! I love to make you smile!

I'm a Tennis player... at less I like to think that! I'm an amateur but I have some kind a talent for tennis! I love to play soccer with my friends in Las Canchitas and play basketball with one of my brothers. What can I say... I'm a Sport guy! Baseball, Football (Soccer), Basketball, Tennis, Bolas Criollas it's just doesn't matter, I LOVE IT!... I'm a good fan and supporter of my team! FC Barcelona it's like my scape from all problems since I have memories!

Love Rock music, but don't thing you know everything about me because I love Salsa, Merengue too! My iPod it's like a sorprise's box! Hehehe it's kind a fun to see faces change with my songs!

I'm dreaming everyday with go to Europe and be in a FC Barcelona's match in Camp Nou! It's like what I want to do just after I graduate!

If there is something that I hate, It's would be false people and vallenato (they used to hang out together... with no ofense against peps who like vallenato)... I can't stand people smoking, I just step a side and walk away.

About English... It's a tool that everyone need! It's an universal lenguage! In my case I use it to talk with my nephew in Houston, I practice with him everytime I call him in Skype... Listening to music and watching movies without subtitles are other ways I use to keep my english in shape